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Items counter for ZOO

  • This is a simple Joomla 3+ frontend module for Zoo application from Yootheme. 

    It count number of published items in your Zoo application.

    Just choose one of your ZOO application and add text if you want.

    For styling use css classes sj_counter, sj_counter_text, sj_counter_number



  • Items counter for ZOO - zoo-gallery-pro-upload-drag-n-drop-images_f49530984cb840b8a9308467c7050a86
    Items counter for ZOO - SniYmka_obrazovky_2017-09-28_o23.21.04_9ce0cb40647f7b1dc9a208f0dd307080
  • Changelog

    1.0 - first stable release
    1.5 - custom text field
    - css classes

    2.0 - fix bug with multiple instances
    - module class stuffix support
    - automatic updates support