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SSL issue - chrome add HTTPS

From one day many of my Joomla sites stop working and get broken. It was happend only in chrome browser. The issue was that chrome was try open my sites trought https protocol even if i dont use any ssl certificate. So if i try open domain in chrome adress bar without www. for example "" chrome open "" and i get security waring. When i wrote exact adress as "" my site open but broken because any css or js files dont be loaded.

And it was really strange as it happend at same time on my 2 Mac's.. So i tought it must be server-side issue. But it seems this is Chrome's issue from version Chrome beta 44.0.2403.63. 

We are still waiting for fix from Chrome but meanwhile you can simple fix this issue for any type of cms or website with line of code in your .htaccess file.

Just add "RequestHeader unset HTTPS" and it should works. 

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